January 2020

Post Christmas Decorating

Written by Karen Keveryga Many times when I take the tree and Christmas decorations down, my home feels refreshingly sparse and spacious. However, there is a difference between sparse and spacious - and empty, bare and depressing!!! 1. Move the furniture around You just accommodated a huge Christmas tree and possibly a dining room table that seats 18 over the holidays.  Now is the time to put all...

A message from John…Jan 2020

Happy New Decade to all!! Yes, here we are 20 years after I distinctly recall being in a near panic regarding the entire Y2K end of civilization furor as we knew it, because all the computers were going to stop us from routine functioning! The past is behind us and we only have the future to work with. In that light, many of us will undergo a planning or goal setting routine at this time of...

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