Karen’s Korner – October Edition

Karen Keveryga

What Is Virtual Staging?

If you’re not familiar with virtual staging, it may be because high quality virtual staging – looks nearly IDENTICAL to photos taken of traditionally staged properties (i.e. in-person, physical staging). 

In fact, you’ve probably seen virtually staged rooms online without realizing it!

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is utilizing professional designers with 3D software and gaming technology to add beautiful furniture and decor to photos – that would otherwise show empty spaces of properties. Virtual stagers do the job of professional stagers from their computer! Instead of a staging team coming in and physically putting furniture in a house, virtual stagers edit photos to insert new furniture or take old furniture out. Thanks to the power of Photoshop, they often don’t even have to empty the properties – before taking the photos. 

A photo of a beautifully virtually staged room makes a more positive impression on buyers – than a photo of an empty or cluttered space.  With virtual staging, you can turn an empty room into a beautifully designed space that makes buyers think, “OMG I have to go see this place!”

The first showing really happens online.  It is no longer about curb appeal, it is about WEB appeal. The consumer has 3 to 4 seconds to make a decision: Do I want to see this or not?  With such little time, you want to be sure you have your best pictures upfront.

In virtual staging, you can create an emotional connection between the property – and the buyers you want to attract.   Think your buyer is a young professional?  Stage with workout and office space.  Attracting families?  Use playroom furniture, backyard toys, learning spaces.  Older adults? Perhaps entertaining spaces, game areas, and an amazing kitchen.  In virtual staging, you can edit and redesign a property’s interior – to best attract the market that you are targeting!

Virtual staging caught steam during the pandemic – when sellers were hesitant to let stagers in and out of their house, and stagers were reluctant to rent out their furniture.  And because so many people were shopping for houses online – sellers didn’t necessarily have to stage their homes with actual furniture!

Benefits of Virtual Staging

The primary benefits of virtual staging are the same as all types of staging; it helps homes sell faster and for more money!  But there are a few additional benefits to staging virtually instead of traditionally:

  1. Low cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Fast
  4. Unlimited design options

If you have questions – or want to see more examples – let us know!  We have used this technology many times with our vacant listings – and continue to offer this amazing option to our clients!!


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