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How to Create Stunning Centerpieces for Your Home

Have you ever found yourself marveling at the intricate centerpieces adorning tables at weddings, dinner parties, or online?  Perhaps you've wondered how to create such captivating designs that effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any space. If so, you're in luck! Our friends at Unshelf Design in collaboration with Crystal Home Styling, have crafted a YouTube video that unveils the secrets behind crafting...

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Summer Sale

This summer may be prime season for homebuyers! Consumer confidence combined with longer days and bright sunshine is the perfect backdrop for showcasing your home. Staging your home effectively can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. Here are some essential tips to help you stage your home for the summer market.1. Refresh Your Gardens with Mulch Mulching is a simple yet impactful...

Surface Water Management – How To Handle The Unexpected

Let's Face It... Calgary Weather Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.... You Never Know What You're Gonna Get! When you live in Alberta, you become familiar with the unique and often profound weather patterns our province can experience. One week, you’ll have to put up with polar weather conditions, clearing a mountain of snow & ice from your driveway then suddenly with the assistance of the...

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