8 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter 

We all knew it was coming - After this weekend, we can probably say that winter is here.  With Calgary quickly becoming a Winter Wonderland, it is time to prepare your home! Here are 8 tips we have put together for you. 1) Furnace Inspection Have your furnace serviced and ducts cleaned (every 2 years) Stock up on furnace filters and change them monthly. It is good practice to write the date...

Surface Water Management – How To Handle The Unexpected

Let's Face It... Calgary Weather Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.... You Never Know What You're Gonna Get! When you live in Alberta, you become familiar with the unique and often profound weather patterns our province can experience. One week, you’ll have to put up with polar weather conditions, clearing a mountain of snow & ice from your driveway then suddenly with the assistance of the...

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