The Benefits of Buying a Home Near Top-Ranked Schools in Calgary

In Calgary, living near top-ranked schools offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your family’s lifestyle and long-term investment. 

When considering buying a home, one of the most critical factors for many families is the quality of nearby schools.

The benefits of living near these top-tier educational institutions extend beyond just academics. They include increased property values, strong community ties, and improved safety and convenience for your family. Here’s why purchasing a home near top-tier educational institutions in Calgary is a smart move:

1. Quality Education for Your Children

One of the most obvious benefits of living near top-ranked schools is access to excellent education. Calgary is home to some of the best schools in Alberta, known for their high academic standards, experienced teachers, and comprehensive extracurricular programs. Schools like Western Canada High School, Sir Winston Churchill High School, and Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School consistently receive high ratings for their academic achievements and student satisfaction.
According to the Fraser Institute’s school rankings, several Calgary schools are among the top performers in the province, providing a robust foundation for your children’s future.

2. Higher Property Values

Homes located in desirable school districts often have higher property values. The demand for properties near top-ranked schools can drive up home prices, making these properties a valuable investment. Even during market fluctuations, homes in these areas tend to retain their value better than those in less sought-after districts.
Researchers looked at more than 5,500 real estate transactions in Hamilton, Ontario, and estimated the value of specific features of homes in the city’s urban boundary, including the distance to public schools in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. By estimating the price of individual features of homes using a sample of properties, researchers were able to isolate the contribution of each feature to the price of a property. Their analysis showed that the value of homes dropped 7.29 percent for every extra kilometre of distance from the closest elementary school, and 1.43 percent for every added kilometre distance from a high school.

3. Strong Community Connections

Neighborhoods surrounding top-ranked schools often boast strong community ties and a family-friendly atmosphere. Families in these areas typically share a common interest in their children’s education and well-being, fostering a supportive and engaged community. These connections can be invaluable for both parents and children, offering a network of friends, resources, and support.

4. Convenience and Safety

Living near your child’s school means less time spent commuting and more time for family activities and relaxation. Proximity to schools also means that your children can participate in after-school programs and extracurricular activities with ease. Additionally, neighborhoods around top schools often benefit from enhanced safety measures, such as reduced traffic speeds and increased police patrols, providing a secure environment for your family.

5. Positive Impact on Resale Value

When it comes time to sell your home, being in a top-ranked school district can be a significant selling point. Potential buyers with families are often willing to pay a premium for homes near excellent schools, ensuring a broader market and potentially faster sale. This can make your property more appealing and help you achieve a higher resale price.

Top-Ranked Schools in Calgary and Their Suburbs

To give you an idea of the schools that can provide these benefits, here are a few of Calgary’s top-ranked institutions along with the suburbs they are located in:
Western Canada High School (Beltline/Mount Royal): Known for its strong academic programs and extensive extracurricular activities. The Beltline and Mount Royal areas are highly sought after for their central location and vibrant community.
  • Stat: Western Canada High School has a Fraser Institute rating of 9.2/10, making it one of the top public schools in Calgary.
Sir Winston Churchill High School (Brentwood/Charleswood): Offers a rigorous curriculum with a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Brentwood and Charleswood are known for their mature neighborhoods, large lots, and proximity to the University of Calgary.
  • Stat: Sir Winston Churchill High School boasts a Fraser Institute rating of 8.9/10.
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School (Canyon Meadows): Renowned for its arts programs and high academic performance. Canyon Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood with excellent amenities and green spaces.
  • Stat: Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School has a Fraser Institute rating of 8.8/10.
Rundle College (Aspen Woods): A private school with a reputation for academic excellence and personalized education. Aspen Woods is an upscale neighborhood known for its beautiful homes and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Stat: Rundle College consistently ranks among the top private schools in Calgary with exceptional academic performance.
FFCA Charter School (Various Locations): The Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA) is known for its rigorous academic standards and emphasis on character development. It has multiple campuses across Calgary, serving various communities.
  • Stat: FFCA Charter School is frequently ranked highly for its academic performance and student satisfaction.
Calgary French & International School (West Springs): Offers a bilingual education with a strong emphasis on international perspectives and academic excellence. West Springs is a desirable neighborhood known for its luxury homes and excellent amenities.
  • Stat: Calgary French & International School is highly regarded for its bilingual curriculum and consistently strong academic results.

Other Considerations: Growth of Calgary and School Availability

As Calgary continues to experience significant growth, new neighborhoods and suburbs are rapidly expanding. While this growth brings many opportunities, it also presents certain challenges, particularly in terms of school availability in newly developed suburban areas. Families moving to these newly developed neighborhoods often face longer commutes to established schools, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.
Challenges of New Suburbs: Newly developed suburban areas in Calgary may lack immediate access to quality schools. This unavailability can lead to longer travel times for children, making daily commutes more stressful for both parents and students. In some cases, families might have to consider temporary schooling solutions or wait for new schools to be built, which can disrupt the consistency of their children’s education.
Advantages of Established Neighborhoods: By choosing to live near top-ranked schools in well-established neighborhoods, you can avoid these challenges. Established neighborhoods with top schools not only provide educational benefits but also come with well-developed infrastructure, amenities, and community services. These areas are more likely to have reliable public transportation, parks, recreational facilities, and shopping centers, contributing to a higher quality of life.


Buying a home near top-ranked schools in Calgary not only ensures a quality education for your children but also offers financial, social, and lifestyle benefits. 
Whether you are looking for a strong community, higher property values, or convenience and safety, these neighborhoods provide an ideal living environment for families.
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