Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing...

Have you ever got to the airport and suddenly thought “did I lock the back door?”


Yep, me too!


Labour Day Weekend is the perfect time to pack up and head out on a final family adventure before school, snow and seasonal depression hits in.

But what about your new home?  It should be fine while you are gone.   But what if it is not?

Leaving home with no one to care for it can cause damage without you even knowing it. So here are some helpful tips for making a vacation feel even better knowing your home is protected and secure!

What do you need to know before you go?

Ask a friend to stop by and check on your home every four days

Why is this important?  Even with a new home, regular checks are essential.  Ensuring that everything is alright could save you from the grief of repairing damage or going through an insurance claim or home warranty claim in the future. 

Small things like power outages during a storm or a can cause appliances to stop and not re-start independently.  If left unchecked, devices may be damaged, or the contents within!  No one wants to come home from Vacation to a freezer full of spoiled food. 

Have them check the refrigerator, freezer, furnace, air conditioner, windows and doors. 

Clean well before leaving

Keeping your new home well maintained before leaving it is essential; floors may be damaged if left dirty.   Countertops should be cleaned so that stains do not form while you are away. 

A thorough clean is a great way to keep your home maintained year-round, but more importantly, right before a trip. 

This will also give you a stress-free feeling when you return to a clean house!

Check major appliances

Doing a once-over on your major appliances and delivery systems is vital!

For example, check the furnace filter; a blocked filter will cause poor air quality and cause overuse and wear on your system.  Be sure that no vents are covered by items or furniture.  And double-check your dryer vents for pests or build-up!

Finally, check the connections to dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators for leaks.

Check your security system

Before you leave, do a complete run of the security system. Before vacation, check that all window and door sensors are working and connected.  And be sure that all external devices have correct wiring or full batteries. 

Keep your valuables safe while you are away!

Check up on what is covered

You may be wondering, “What does my home warranty cover?” This is an excellent thing to check well before you ever need it.  Knowing what is covered by your home warranty and what is covered by insurance is critical.  That way, you have a good idea of what your responsibility is.

In addition, keeping your home in peak condition is the best way to ensure you will not have issues.

Check all outdoor taps

Before you leave, walk the perimeter of your new home, and check that all outdoor taps are fully closed.  Disconnect hose bibs, and check that all faucets are clear of debris. 

If a fixture is unknowingly left on, it can cause water damage to the foundation of the home and the surrounding landscaping.

Check all windows and doors

Leaving a window open to pests, weather or intruders is a mistake you do not want to make.  Check all windows for a tight seal before leaving.  Viewing them from both inside and out will give you extra peace of mind.  Check basement windows from the outside. 

Remove any debris or leaves from the window well to avoid water pooling in case of a storm.

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*This blog post has been modified from an article created by Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP)*

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