How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Summer Sale

This summer may be prime season for homebuyers! Consumer confidence combined with longer days and bright sunshine is the perfect backdrop for showcasing your home. Staging your home effectively can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. Here are some essential tips to help you stage your home for the summer market.1. Refresh Your Gardens with Mulch Mulching is a simple yet impactful...

This Years Design Trends – Are They Here To Stay?

Author: Karen Keveryga This Years Design Trends - Are They Here To Stay? As you all know - the content of this blog - typically takes shape based on my personal experiences at the time.  I showed a home last night, and my buyer declared strongly - that she HATES barn doors! I laughed of course - personal preference.  However - I do think this is a trend that will go away. See below a list of other...

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