This Years Design Trends – Are They Here To Stay?

Author: Karen Keveryga

This Years Design Trends - Are They Here To Stay?

As you all know – the content of this blog – typically takes shape based on my personal experiences at the time.  I showed a home last night, and my buyer declared strongly – that she HATES barn doors!  
I laughed of course – personal preference.  However – I do think this is a trend that will go away.

See below a list of other design trends we saw a lot of – in Real Estate during 2021…..wondering what your thoughts are?  Like – dislike – hate???!!

1. Word Art

A little can be charming – but this trend in every room….maybe not!  While personalized word art signs featuring a favorite quote or a family saying were a nice touch, most of these wall decorations were overplayed clichés. Today, more homeowners are moving back to family photos and artwork — wall décor that never goes out of style.

2. Placing a TV Above a Fireplace

Is this a space saver?  Do you like the aesthetic?  There are gorgeous new TVs – that look like paintings when not in use…..However neck strain is a real thing!   Ninety-nine percent of fireplace mantels are too high above the floor for the television to be viewed comfortably. If you have to lift your chin to look at the screen, that’s too high.  Consider this before hanging!

3. Oversized Clocks

According to Wayfair’s style advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, “The trend for loud and proud oversized clocks is on the wane, as we look to integrate our timekeepers into our interiors in a more discreet fashion.”  *full disclosure I have – and love – an oversized clock!!!!!

4. Leaving White Walls Bare

It’s tempting to leave a blank canvas, well, blank. However, it’s an interior design non-starter. “Don’t leave your all-white walls bare and lacking character, ” says designer Tiffany Leigh. “While I think all-white walls is a trend that is here to stay, I think we will start seeing interest introduced to the white walls with textural elements like vertical shiplap or plaster-like finishes.”

5. 70’s Retro Kickback

This is tricky – either your house (or room!) suits this style or it doesn’t.  I personally love it – and don’t miss the “matchy” days of the past!  Have fun shopping for items that can integrate with your current style.

6.  Open Concept

Since the ‘90s, spacious areas where kitchens, family rooms, and dining rooms all flow together into one communal space – have dominated as the preferred living arrangement.  However, when COVID-19 prompted a shift toward remote work and grounded many families at home, it raised doubts about the future of the open layout. Theoretically, partitioned spaces give families more options to support multiple people working or learning from home in peace – and provide privacy to multiple generations living under one roof.

7.  Chalkboard Walls

DIY chalkboards or chalkboard wall paint first graced kids’ rooms and then started edging into other spaces in the home. Again – personal preference – love it or hate it?

8.  Open Shelves 

Open shelves are perhaps one of the most impractical trends yet. Who has that many beautiful, color-coordinated dishes to display? Who is dusting around all those jars, tumblers and artfully stacked bowls? What about sticky kitchen grease that accumulates on everything? Who cleans that? Look, I understand the open, airy feel open shelves give a kitchen. It looks beautiful! But, glass cabinet doors are better alternatives for displaying lovely kitchen items.

Call us…email us…share your own trend thoughts!!!!!  Plus – be prepared for whatever 2022 has in store…..

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