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The first residential project in Calgary’s East Village, Fuse lives up to its name as a boldly designed residential community that is redefining downtown living.

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Evolution Fuse

560 6th Avenue SouthEast, Calgary, AB T2G 1K7

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Two phases of BOSA Development’s Evolution – Fuse and Pulse – have risen from the ground, with Fuse welcoming its first residents in fall 2015 and Pulse following shortly thereafter.

Built In 2015

The first of two towers built at Evolution. Pulse was the second tower to complete.

17 Stories

Blends a 17 storey tower, an eight level midrise condo building and 5 exclusive townhouses

203 Units

1 & 2 bedrooms units. Some units include a den


Concierge, Lounge, Fitness Room (2), Yoga Studio, Steam Room, Sauna, Courtyard & BBQ Area

























Evolution represents a paradigm shift for Calgary, ushering in a fresh urban lifestyle surrounded by endless amenities and daily conveniences, including RiverWalk just steps away. Designed by celebrated architect James Cheng, the visionary 2 phased project seamlessly blends old world charm and modern simplicity to forge an inviting collection of spacious, bright living spaces.

Evolution Fuse offers many condo amenities for tenants. Condo Security/concierge is on site 24×7, located in the building are 2 fully equipped gyms and a steam/sauna room. Tenants can also book a party room with a small kitchen, seating and a pool table. Last but not least is a private courtyard area with plenty of outdoor seating, firepit and BBQs.

Perfect for the urban dweller, Evolution Fuse is in the up and coming neighborhood of the East Village. You are located directly on the River Walk bringing you direct access to Downtown, Bridgeland, Inglewood and more! The East Village has plenty of community businesses, parks and events including, but not limited to, the new Studio Bell Music Center, the New Central Library, St. Patrick’s Island, Fort Calgary, Food Truck Frenzy, Calgary Stampede Parade, and the Simmons Building. The rest of the city is all within reach with easy access to the City Hall C-Train Station and multiple bus lines that pass through the East Village.

Interior Finishings

Evolution Fuse boasts incredible finishes in every unit, from high end appliances in the kitchen to incredible bathroom finishes that create a tranquil modern feel for residents. Inside the Guardian units you’ll find a lot of specific finishes that you would expect from a luxurious building, including:

Building Amenities

Evolution Fuse offers a lot of lifestyle amenities for residents including:

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Fuse is located at 560 6th Avenue Southeast. Calgary, Alberta T2G 1K7

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Evolution Fuse

The first residential project in Calgary’s East Village, Fuse lives up to its name as a boldly designed residential community that is redefining downtown living.

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