Investing In Ourselves – To Better Your Experience!

Karen Keveryga - Realtor RLP Benchmark

Karen's Korner - November Edition

In April 2016, a representative from Richards Robbins (Chris Cummins) presented at our brokerage, Royal LePage Benchmark. 

His role was to introduce the concepts and benefits of attending an event put on by this organization. I was new to real estate. Started in 2015 during a recession. Was finding it tough to stay motivated! I LOVED everything he was promising…..I felt so excited about the opportunity to learn from industry leaders! 

As I stood alone in line to hand in my form – with my credit card info filled out to attend the first event in Vancouver (which I could NOT afford!) – I looked behind me…and there was John Hripko from my team – standing with the same form – planning to attend the same event! In my mind I thought…why would someone with 30+ years of success and experience in this business – go to a real estate training event???!!! 

Well we both went…and it changed our lives, our business and our team!

Nov 2 – 4th, 2021 – our team will be participating in the RRi VIRTUAL MASTERS ACADEMY.

For John and I this will be event 12! Most in person – but since March 2020 – the events are done virtually.

Investing in ourselves – ultimately benefits you – our clients. Our goal is to offer you the best service possible.

Many may view this learning commitment to be an unnecessary waste of time, a distraction from what we are supposed to be doing – helping clients buy/sell homes. Especially in the market today – with homes transacting so swiftly – how do we take 3 days “off” our jobs?

But we feel the reverse is true… do we NOT make this a priority? A few short days – to ensure we are doing our BEST and not just doing things the way they have always been done. A few short days to clear our heads, refocus our energies and recharge our knowledge. Trust me – it will be worth it! Also trust, that on EVERY break, we will be managing our phones and our businesses (with support from team members Mindy and Greg!!!!) – to ensure nothing falls through the cracks!!!!!

LEARNING never stops – and neither should it. As the world around us continues to change and evolve, so must we along with it. Would you trust a doctor who had not looked at any medical advances in the past 20 years? Would you be satisfied using a lawyer who had not stayed abreast of legal changes in recent decades? Of course not – and real estate professionals are in the same boat.

In the words of Richard Robbins himself….LEARNING is not an event, it’s a process.


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