Karen’s Korner – The Final Edition

This will be my last Karen's Korner blog post.

The growth I have experienced over the past 7 years – has prepared me for the next step in my real estate career.  It is with deep sorrow – that I use this forum to inform all – that I am leaving my FAMILY at The John Hripko Real Estate Team.  I will embark on this real estate journey alone.  I am ready to pursue the next level of challenge in the industry – with all the tools/expertise and knowledge I have gained – from John Hripko specifically – and from this amazing team.

Many people do not know – that my entire real estate experience – started right here!  I approached John Hripko in March 2015.  I asked him to meet with me – to discuss the realtor role.  I had been staging for years…and finally thought it was time to consider getting my license.  We knew each other from a past advertising relationship – so it wasn’t a cold call – but the fact that he made time for me – in his BUSY work day – well … It meant a lot!  (PS – he still does this for any agents that call him today!)   
We met at Mercato – I had an agenda (no surprise!)   He was honest.  Straight forward.  Bold.  I asked him tough questions – and he gave me “non fluff” answers.  He did his famous “draw on anything that is in the vicinity/upside down move” (If you have seen it – you know it !!!!)  And at the end of that lunch meeting – he said – “you get your license – and I will put you on my team.”  That was all I needed to hear. 

 I had worked for TELUS for many many years.  I migrated into yellow pages sales with Brava Media (yes I am old!) – and when the sun started to set on that medium – I needed a new focus.  John gave me that.  He believed in me –  BEFORE I had any proof that I could even do the job!!!!

My loyalty to this man runs very deep.

I did the work.  I asked the questions (so many questions………)  I did open houses every single weekend – sometimes 4 in 2 days.  

I told myself lifting the signs in and out of my car over and over – was like a workout!!!!!  I NEVER said no.  Whatever he needed – I did.  Someone once said – “are you worried he will see you as his assistant?”  I never felt that way. 

 John empowered me and included me from day one.  He trusted that some things – I just did better than he did.  Even though I had limited “real estate” job experience – he respected my other skill sets.  With my staging background, he always deferred to me.  In front of the client – he would even admit he was wrong – and I was right!  I was in awe of this.  

2015 was tough.  The start of a recession.  I was struggling.  6 months in – I had yet to close a deal.  In early 2016, our brokerage offered a presentation from RRi – Richard Robbins.  Motivational/Coaching/Training.  

Chris Cummings came to our boardroom to present – and changed my life!!!  I felt like this was EXACTLY what I needed.  I knew these were my “people”.  I filled out my form – added my credit card details (tough to commit – when you have not made any money!) and stood in line to sign up for the in person event in Vancouver in June.  
Much to my surprise – John was standing behind me (a few feet back) with the same form in hand.  In my mind I was thinking…what does a realtor with 30+ years of experience need to learn?!   We each did our thing and didn’t really chat much about it.  
Fast forward to June – we met at the airport (only the two of us decided to go).  All the work I had been doing the past year – was finally producing results.  I was so excited.  I had reference!  I had some experience – and I couldn’t wait to learn more from industry experts.  
John and I attended our first live event…and well like anyone who doesn’t really know what to expect…we were a bit out of our element.  This is a FAMILY.  These presenters and the agents in the room literally LOVE each other.  They play music and dance and clap and support each other, share stories and learnings and actually like each other and want everyone to attain success!!!!?????  Sounds like a cult….well it felt like that a bit (no lie!)  But again – this was a work game changer.  The start of something that transformed both of us forever…the way we do our jobs…the way we interact with clients….our branding…..literally everything.  
RRi gave us the framework – but like I had to in 2015 – we had to do the hard work.  We had to find the right talent for the team.  We had to embrace change – even when that was hard!!!!  We had to “sell” this concept to everyone on the team….because adoption, acceptance and collaboration was key.  John allowed me to be a key part of this business change.  He SAW his business differently.  He saw himself differently.  He created a vision – and set about executing it.  I am so LUCKY to have been a part of it from the beginning…….  
It has been a dream to work hard – with people who are aligned with you, who care about you and who sincerely want you to be your best.  Sharing skills and experience, championing each other’s accomplishments, helping each other and having a pretty good time along the way!!!!  I am immensely grateful – for everything I have learned/gained from this experience – over the past 7 years.  But it is now time for me – to uncover new growth and create new opportunities on my own.  
Thank you to all my amazing clients (I am so lucky)  ……for business contacts I literally can not live without ….. and of course to my AMAZING team for your support and love (past and future!) 
Keep “SMILIN”  ….  Karen 

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