The Hripko Team Visits Made By MOMMA

Earlier this month, John Hripko & Partners volunteered our time, ingredients and Can Do attitudes to a local, Calgary based and truly amazing meal support program called Made By MOMMA.  

Made By MOMMA is not just a local food bank. They have dedicated themselves to providing healthy, incredible, homemade frozen meals.  These meals, along with fresh bread and non-perishable food care packages, help support families going through a tough time in need of a little support.

It was a truly eye-opening experience to see all the hard work and dedication that everyone involved had put in to make this organization work. Continuous donations from the local community paired with fun filled volunteer programs and a fabulous core team have allowed this organization to flourish and assist SO many families in need.

In one evening, our team was able to make over 300 meal portions… 300! And the amazing thing was that each portion cost approximately $1 to make!

What was even more amazing was the fact that these meals were exceptional! Through the savvy shopping done by our Made By MOMMA representative Lisa, we were able to make delicious and healthy meals such as avocado spaghetti for as little as $1 per head!

It feels great to know that we helped such an amazing cause, but the team at Made By MOMMA are the true hero’s for doing this every single day. We are blessed to have such fantastic people in our community and we encourage everyone that is able, to roll your sleeves up and get involved in this beautiful cause!

You can read more on Made By MOMMA below:

If you are interested in getting involved with our future community programs or have a suggestion for a good cause – email [email protected] to discuss future opportunities!

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